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3M™ Flexible Diamond Hand Lap 6200J

3M Flexible Diamond Hand Lap 6200J, Wet/Dry, 3-3/4″ Length x 2-1/4″ Width, M20 Micron Grit, (Pack of 10)
Specifications for this item
Brand Name3M
Part Number
Grit TypeM20
Grit Material TypeDiamond
Manufacturer Grade6200J
ColorWhite, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Black.
Construction TypeCoated

Mô tả

3M Flexible Diamond Hand Lap 6200J

3M Flexible Diamond Hand Lap 6200J is a versatile hand-held abrasive that optimizes the sharp cutting action of diamond mineral to grind and finish many materials, including chilled iron, granite, carbide, composites, non-ferrous metals, thermal spray coatings and exotic alloys.

  • Very ideal for finishing, polishing.
  • Available in a range of grades tailored to meet different project wants.
  • Portable abrasive makes finishing in hard-to-reach areas achievable.
  • Contoured, hand-held foam backing ergonomically designed for better comfort.
  • Open dot diamond pattern permits debris and swarf to escape, so mineral keeps cutting fast and sharp.

3M Flexible Diamond Hand Lap 6200J comes in a variety of grades tailored to meet specific project needs. Metal bond grades are available in 250, 125, 74, 40, 20 and 10 microns. Bigger microns signal bigger minerals, so these grades are good for heavy, fast stock removal. Smaller grades are best for fine finishing.

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