The SKF bearing heater TMBH 1 uses a patented method of heating based on high frequency induction, which provides optimised efficiency. This method is very quiet and creates no magnetisation at all. In addition to bearings, the heater can also be used for heating ferrous components such as gears, pulleys, bushings and shrink rings.

  • Portable, lightweight, high efficiency heater for bearings with an inner diameter ranging from 20 to 100 mm (0.8 to 4 in.), and a maximum weight of 5 kg (11 lb).
  •  Equipped with temperature and time control and automatic demagnetisation.
  • Supplied in a carrying case.
  • Wide operating voltage: 100–240 V/50–60 Hz.
TMBH 1 SKF datvietco

Technical data

Designation                                     TMBH 1

1/Max. workpiece weight               5 kg (11 lb)

2/Bore diameter range                  20–100 mm (0.8–4 in.)

3/Operating area (w ™ h)             52 ™ 52 mm (2 ™ 2 in.)

4/Standard yokes (included)        20 mm (0.8 in.)

to suit bearing/workpiece

minimum  bore diameter .

5/Max. power consumption          350 Watt

6/Voltage 1)                                 100–240 V/50–60 Hz

7/Temperature control            0 to 200 °C (32 to 392 °F) T

Technical data


8/Time control (minutes)         0–60

9/Max. temperature                20–100 mm (0.8–4 in.)

10/Dimensions (w ™ d ™ h)  330 ™ 150 ™ 150 mm (13 ™ 5.9 ™ 5.9 in.) Clamp: 115 ™ 115 ™ 31 mm (4.5 ™ 4.5 ™ 1.2 in.)

11/Total weight (incl. yokes)  4,5 kg (10 lb)


SKF induction heater range

The comprehensive range of SKF induction heaters is suitable for most bearing heating applications. The chart gives general information on choosing an induction heater for bearing heating applications.2) The SKF m20 concept represents the weight (kg) of the heaviest SKF spherical roller bearing of series 231 which can be heated from 20 to 110 °C (68 to 230 °F) in 20 minutes. This defines the heater’s power output instead of its power consumption. Unlike other bearing heaters, there is a clear indication on how long it takes to heat a bearing, rather than just the maximum bearing weight possible.

1) Some special voltage versions are available for specific countries. For additional information, contact your SKF authorized distributor.

2) For heating components other than bearings, we strongly recommend that you contact SKF to help you select a suitable induction heater for your application.