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SKF Grease Test Kit TKGT 1

Grease, Lubrication: SKF lubrication solutions range from specialized lubricants to state-of-the-art lubrication systems. Integrated SKF lubrication solutions combine our expertise in bearings, seals and condition monitoring with our tribology knowledge – the study of friction, wear and lubrication.

Portable grease analysis kit for use in the field

Lubricant analysis is a vital part of a predictive maintenance strategy. However, until now, this has been almost completely related with oils, despite the fact that around 80% of bearings are lubricated with grease.

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Tribology knowledge and years of research have allowed SKF to develop a complete methodology to assess greases condition directly in the field.

The SKF Grease Analysis Kit TKGT 1 has been designed to properly apply this methodology. By using it, three different tests can be performed: consistency (patent applied for), oil bleeding properties and contamination. This allows the user to have a good understanding of the grease condition and take decisions directly in the field. The SKF Grease Analysis Kit TKGT 1 includes guidelines for properly interpreting the results of the tests.

For fresh greases SKF TKGT 1 can help to establish the remaining shelf life of the grease, as well as assesing the consistency of the quality level among different production batches. When testing used greases, the results will help the user to evaluate such things as: the suitability of the tested grease for the application, the accuracy of relubrication intervals, and the possible sources when contamination occurs.

Features and benefits
Main benefits of the grease analysis kit TKGT 1 are:
Grease relubrication intervals can be adjusted according to real conditions
Grease quality can be evaluated to detect possible unacceptable deviations from batch to batch
Greases performance can be assessed, allowing verification of the suitability of a certain grease for a specific application.
Helps in the prevention of damage due to underperforming lubricant greases
More information can be provided for root cause analyses
Main benefits of TKGT 1 are:
Portable kit, designed to be used directly in the field
No special training required to perform the tests
No harmful chemicals required
The methodology included with the kit brings SKF lubrication knowledge to the customer in order to properly understand the results of every test.
Small sample size required.
Just 0,5 grams of grease are needed to perform all the tests.
Quick assessment tool allowing taking decisions directly in the field.
Technical data
DesignationGrease Analysis Kit TKGT 1
Sampling toolsSampling syringe1Polypropylene
Sampling tube1PTFE, length approx. 1m
Permanent marker1Black
Sampling containers1035 ml polyethylene
Gloves10 pairsGrease resistant nitrile (synthetic rubber), powder free, size XL, colour blue
Disposable spatulas1Set of 25
250 mm stainless steel spatula1Stainless steel
150 mm stainless steel spatula1Stainless steel
Scissors1Stainless steel
Consistency testHousing1Aluminium
(Patent applied for)Weight1Stainless steel
Glass plates4
Oil bleeding testUSB heater12.5 W – 5 V.
USB/220/110V adaptor1Universal (EU, US, UK, Australia) to USB
Paper pack1Contains 50 sheets
Ruler1Aluminium graduated 0.5 mm
Contamination testPocket microscope160 – 100x with light


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