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QUICK CURE- Quick repair for damage pipe

  • Using for quick repair of metal and plastic pipe for water or chemical contain
  • Compression strength: 43-55 Mpa
  • Maximum temperature: 121oC
  •  Ready to use
  •  Adheres & cures in wet or dry
  •  Nonconductive; acts like an insulator
  • Origin: NCH/ USA
  • Packging: 12 pcs/box
  • Net weight: 57 gram/pcs


Provides long-lasting, durable repairs in minutes.

QUICK CURE comes in a convenient plastic tube that can be carried in your pocket or tool chest for use on-the-spot. Great for urgent repairs to equipment in the field.
QUICK CURE solves many problems including repairing cracks, filling in surface pits, stopping leaks, and bonding joints and seams.
QUICK CURE also makes an excellent anchoring compound.
QUICK CURE resists moisture and chemicals including acids, alkalis
and solvents. It withstands heat, vibration, heavy loads, high impact, and will not crack.
QUICK CURE can be drilled, filed, threaded, sanded, tapped; can be painted over after cure is complete.



Cast Iron



Formica Plastic

Porcelain Tile


Brass Ceramics

Concrete Fibreglass

Galvanised Pipe

Plexiglass Steel

Stainless Steel


  1. Sand and dry the surface to be repaired, if possible.
  2. Cut off the desired amount of QUICK CURE.
  3. Mix between fingers until a uniform colour is obtained.
  4. Apply the mixed QUICK CURE. (Once mixed, working life is 3-4 minutes.)



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