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NORMA Group is a global market and technology leader in Engineered Joining Technology solutions, with more than 60 years of manufacturing and product-development experience. The Group manufactures a very comprehensive range of innovative joining-technology products in the clamp, connect and fluid categories and occupies a leading position as a solution provider. Its dedication to quality and its technological leadership has won NORMA Group the confidence of over 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries.



Cable Ties

NORMAFIX Cable ties for securing cables safely in electrical installations, industrial wiring, automotive, etc. Made of polyamide 6.6.
Resistant to extreme temperatures and numerous external agents. Quick and safe assembly. The black cable tie offers excellent resistance to UV rays thanks to added “carbon black”.

GEMI Nylon Cable Tie: The above mentioned product has the following Technical specification.

Pure Nylon 6.6
Working temperature: -45 DegC to 85 DegC
Suggested Installation temperature: -10 DegC to 85 DegC
Max admissible point: 110 DegC* *(for a short time)
Melting temperature: 256 DegC
Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI): 27%
Recovery of moisture: 2.7% to 50% relative humidity
Halogen free: Evaluated according EN 62275. Flame retardant according to UL 94-V2
Resistance to external agents
Excellent resistance to aromatic solvents, bases, oils, fat, petroleum products
Keep limited contact with acid
Not resistant to phenol and chlorinated solvents
Resistance to UV (for Black Colored Cable Tie)*
RoHS approved

Our GEMI Nylon Cable Tie are suitable for securing small pipes, cables, cable harnesses, cable protection pipes, plastic hoses, small hoses, corrugated flexi hoses.


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