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SKF Maintenance tools: Important stages which have a major impact on a bearing service life can be recognised during the bearing’s lifecycle. These stages are mounting, lubrication, alignment, basic condition monitoring and dismounting. The stages in a bearing life cycle are extremely important for achieving the maximum service life of the bearing. By applying the right maintenance practices and using the correct tools, you can considerably extend your bearing’s service life and increase plant productivity and efficiency.

– Bơm mỡ cho loại thùng 18 kg, đường kính trong 265 – 285 mm
– Vận hành bằng tay
– Áp suất tối đa 50 MPa


18M Lagg, Lagg 18A, 50A Lagg, Lagg 180A, 180 LAGT grease pump

All kinds of grease by hand or pneumatic pumps are designed for all types of barrels 18.5 kg or 180 kg fat of SKF. The pump can be connected directly to the lubrication points or also suitable for centralized lubrication systems. SKF grease pressure from 42 MPa to 50 MPa. Easy to install and use because the pump is provided with all the necessary details including 3.5 m hose /


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