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SKF Maintenance tools: Important stages which have a major impact on a bearing service life can be recognised during the bearing’s lifecycle. These stages are mounting, lubrication, alignment, basic condition monitoring and dismounting. The stages in a bearing life cycle are extremely important for achieving the maximum service life of the bearing. By applying the right maintenance practices and using the correct tools, you can considerably extend your bearing’s service life and increase plant productivity and efficiency.


– Grease pump for 180 kg container options, the diameter of 550-590 mm
– Operation Pneumatic
– Maximum pressure 42 MPa

The SKF LAGG 50AE and LAGG 180AE are air operated grease pumps suitable for most 50 or 180 kg drums with any SKF grease or any other grease with a NLGI class 0, 1 or 2.
The pneumatically operated grease pump is fully automatic. By operating the grease gun handle the grease will be discharged. As soon as the handle is released the grease discharge stops.

Technical data
Designation LAGG 180AE
Maximum pressure
Air inlet 8 bars (120 psi)
Minimum pressure
Air inlet 3 bars (40 psi)
Pressure ratio 1:55
Maximum output pressure(with 8 bars air inlet pressure) 425 bars (6,160 psi)
Suitable grease NLGI 0, 1 or 2
Suitable drum dimensions:
Inside diameter 550 – 590 mm (21.7 – 23.2 in)
Maximum inside height 860 mm (33.9 in)
Air quick connection nipple CEJN 10-320-5152
Length of hose 3,5 m (11.4 ft)
Weight 24 kg (53 lb)
It is recommended to include a pressure valve in the air inlet. This will increase the working life of the grease pump mechanism.



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