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With these NORMAPLAST® SV connectors without thread hoses are connected quickly and easily with one another by just pushing the hose onto the connectors. The ribbed surface of the push-on spigots ensures that the hoses are tight-fit after assembly. The NORMAPLAST® SV hose connectors are made of ecrucoloured POM (acetalcopolymerisat); other materials are available on request.



Product & Material Properties for NORMAPLAST® hose and pipe connectors:

These NORMAPLAST® SV connectors made of Polyamide 6 have a tapered thread on one end and one or two push-on hose connectors on the other end. The ribbing of the push-on connectors ensures that the hose sits securely.

The three available thread geometries are colour coded as follows to allow quick visual identification:

– Metric taper thread: light grey
– Whitworth pipe thread:anthracite
– NPT thread:black

Thermal Properties

For the threaded connecting pieces the coefficient of expansion of 100 x 10° must be considered if there is any exposure to temperature fluctuations. Our standard materials are classified under the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) system as:
POM : HB( Horizontal Burning)
PA 6 : HB
PA 6.6: HB
PA 12: HB


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