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Heat Shield Extreme Temperature Grease up to 1000°C.

Chemsearch is a division of NCH Corporation, a maintenance, repair and supply business that operates in over 60 countries in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Across the globe and around the clock, businesses rely on NCH and its 10,000 associates to keep their operations running smoothly and their clients satisfied.

Provides Superior Equipment Protection for

Brick Plants|Steel Mills|Asphalt Plants|Mining|Glass Manufacturing|Forges and foundries|Kilns, Furnaces, and Ovens

-Extreme Temperature Performanceup to 1000°C.

-Patented* Calcium Sulfonate Grease with High Moly and Graphite Content

-Prolongs Bearing and Equipment Life

-Extends Lubrication Intervals by Up to 10 Times

-Excellent High Temperature Performance – Protects up to 1000 °C Intermittently.

-At Temperatures Above 320°C the Premium Base Oil Evaporates Cleanly Leaving Solid Lubricants Behind to Protect Equipment


M/M Heat Shield Meets orExceeds these PerformanceRequirements

• US Steel Mill Grease Specifications

– Roll Neck Grease, Req. No. 340

– Extreme Pressure Grease Req. No. 350

– Extra Duty EP Grease. Req. No. 352

– Extreme-Temp. Req. No. 355, 370 & 372

– Ball and Roller Bearing, Req. No. 371

– Mill Utility Grease Req. No. 375

• Military Spec. MIL-G-23549C, MIL-G-2345C

• Federal Specification VV-G-632a

• Caterpillar MPGM

• Chrysler MS 3551E (Part # 2264833)

• General Motors Specification GM 6031-M

• DIN 51 825, DIN 51 818



  • Video express Heat Resisstant capability of NCH Grease:


  • Video express Water Resisstant capability of NCH Grease:


  • Video express Dust Resisstant capability of NCH Grease:


Additives User Benefits
Premium Grade Base OilSuperior grade, highly refined base oil resists oxidation, hardening and high-temperature breakdown to maintain better lubricity.
Calcium Sulfonate BaseWithstands high heat and provides additional extreme pressure protection under heavy loads. Extremely water resistant, heavier than water to resist washouts even in submerged environments.
Adhesive and Cohesive Polymers,Tackiness AgentsHighly-elastic polymers hold grease together and in place to reduce squeeze- out, channeling and sling-off. Prevents loss of lubricant that leaves bearings “starved”.
Rust and Corrosion InhibitorsBlocks out corrosive elements such as acids, water, condensate and steam by forming a protective barrier on equipment surfaces to prevent chemical wear.
Extreme Pressure (EP) AgentsA heat seeking additive that prevents the cold welding that can occur under heavy loads. Minimizes wear while helping equipment run cooler.
Anti-Wear and Friction Reducing AdditivesPrevents metal-to-metal contact, two-surface wear, vibration and chatter. Keeps high friction surfaces, such as bearings, properly lubricated to prevent metal loss, downtime, and replacement expenses.
Oxidation InhibitorsExtends lubricant service life by retarding the oxidation process. Provides a chemical shield that prevents the oxidizing effects of oxygen and water.
Shock Load ReducersCushions impact to minimize the stress, vibration and chatter that can occur under heavy loads and during start-stop operations.
Molybdenum DisulfidePlates metal surface asperities completely with a premium lubricant coating that withstands high pressures, heavy loads and shear conditions. Reduces abrasive wear, too.
GraphiteHigh concentration offers extreme temperature protection and stability while guarding against contaminants, heavy loads,and water washout.



DescriptionPremalube Xtreme Heat Shield
Penetration ASTM D 217330
Multistroke penetration ASTM D 217335
Four-ball Index ASTM D 2596101
Four-ball (weld) ASTM D 2596, kg1000+
Four-ball (wear scar) ASTM D 2596, mm0.341
Timken method ASTM D 2509, lbs70
Rust test ASTM D 1743Pass
Copper corrosion ASTM D 1301B
Low Temperature Limit (°C)-6
High Temperature Limit (°C)1093
Base Oil Viscosity @40°C113
Base Oil Viscosity @100°C12.1
Base Oil Viscosity Index96

Ideal for use on: Extreme heat applications including brick plants, kiln cars, furnaces, ovens, steel mills, asphalt plants, mining, glass manufacturing,forges and foundries, etc.

Do not use on: any application with a continuous temperature exceeding 280 o C or 1093 o C intermittently withoutmonitored lubrication. For grease recommendations refer to Lubemaster DN chart.




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