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SKF MARLIN Condition Detector Pro IS
CMVL 3600-IS Machine Reliability Inspection System
Intrinsically Safety (IS) Rated
The SKF MARLIN Condition Detector Pro IS (MCD Pro IS) (Patent Pending) provides for Velocity, Acceleration Enveloping, and Temperature monitoring with general alarm capabilities and has ATEX Certifications.


The SKF MARLIN Condition Detector Pro IS (MCD Pro IS) is certified Intrinsically Safe (IS) for Europe and North America. The ruggedized MCD Pro IS is certified for use in the hazardous environments typically found in the Petrochemical Industrial marketplace.

The Machine Reliability Inspection System (MARLIN) System offers a comprehensive solution for improving machinery and process reliability and enhancing productivity in industrial process and manufacturing plants.
MARLIN computerizes the operations and maintenance teams and facilitates a “cross-functional” approach to reliability that gets a majority of plant personnel involved in the process of maintaining plant assets.

By pairing the MCD Pro IS with the MARLIN data managers (MDM), important machinery and process information may be stored for trending review and detailed analysis.

Vibration Monitoring
When performing measurements, the MCD Pro IS’s sensor input signal is processed to produce two vibration measurements for each measurement POINT. Velocity vibration identifies phenomena which are observable in the low to mid frequency range, and indicates such structural problems as misalignment, unbalance, mechanical looseness and more. However, events which occur in the higher frequency ranges such as bearing and gear problems, can also be detected by the
MCD Pro IS with its “Acceleration Enveloping” capability, a signal processing technique which focuses on enhancing the repetitious vibration signals that characterize such problems.

Temperature measurements enhance the “early warning” benefit of the instrument by offering a useful indication of mechanical condition or the load applied to a specific component, since, as a bearing or its lubrication fails, friction causes its temperature to rise.



Vibration Pickup: Integrated Piezoelectric Acceleration (Ceramic, Shear Type)
Measurement Range:
Velocity: 0.3 – 55 mm/s (RMS), 0.02 – 3.00 in/s (Eq. Peak). Meets ISO Standard 10861-1
Enveloped Acceleration: 0.3 gE – 20.0 gE
Temperature: +32 °F to +212 °F (0 °C to +100 °C)
Frequency Range:
Overall Velocity: 10 Hz – 1 kHz (Tolerances measured within the frequency range are in accordance with ISO 3945)
Acceleration Enveloping Band 3: 500 Hz – 10 kHz


Case: Water and dust resistant (IP 65)
Drop Test: Six (6) feet on multiple axes
Dimensions: Length: 7.50” (190.5 mm)
Width: 1.70” (43.2 mm)
Height: 1.63” (41.4 mm)
Weight: 0.95 lb (431 gms) with battery, 1.4 lb (635 gms) with temperature magnet probe tip


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