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SKF Infrared Thermometer

Order code: CMSS 3000-SL

Heavy duty, long range, dual laser non-contact infrared thermometer

Rugged and easy to use – just
aim, pull the trigger, and read the
temperature in less than a second.


Measure surface temperatures of hot, hazardous, moving, or hard-toreach objects safely without physical contact. Ideal for a broad range of maintenance tasks.
Dual point lasers provide eas• yaiming and define the target area
• Adjustable emissivity for more accurate measurement of different surface materials
• 50:1 Distance to spot size ratio
• Temperature range: –60 to
+1 000 °C (–76 to +1 832 °F)
• Selectable temperature units
(°C or °F)
• Exceptional battery life with low
battery indicator (140+ hours)
• Programmable high and low
audible alarm
• MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG temperature
displays with “Lock” function for
continuous temperature scanning
• Bright amber, back-light LCD display
• High intensity, white LED flashlight
• Heavy duty magnet in base of handle
• Water resistant, dust-proof hard case


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