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3M 5-Way Multipurpose Penetrant

3M™ 5-W Penetrant is a multi-purpose product that is effective for displacing moisture and dries out electrical apparatus.
  • Rust release
  • Free corroded nuts and bolts
  • Lubricant for mechanical parts
  • Anti-corrosion of metal surface
  • Pleasant odor, environment friendly
  • Net Weight: 310 gram (~ 434ml)
  • Premium formula from Japan, packing at Vietnam
  • Packing: 12 pcs per carton box


3M 5-Way Penetrant

3M 5-Way Penetrant is a multi-purpose aerosol spray designed to free unmovable parts that have become rusty or frozen, while displacing moisture. It also works as an excellent light-duty lubricant and can dry out electronics. It has proven to inhibit corrosion and rust in certain applications.


  • Helps free rusted and frozen bolts, nuts and more
  • Can act as a tapping lubricant for stainless steel and aluminum
  • Displaces moisture and ‘dries out’ electronics
  • Light duty lubricant works well with delicate precision instruments
  • Inhibits corrosion during storage
Breaks Down Rust and Prevents Future Rusting

– 3M 5-Way Penetrant attacks the corrosion that prevents the movement of commonplace parts, such as rusty cranks, levers and handles, as well as nuts and bolts that have seized. 3M designed this versatile, silicone-free chemical to spray evenly, spreading a thin, even film that penetrates the toughest barriers.

– Additionally, this spray formula is capable of displacing moisture and drying out electronic elements, inhibiting potential rust and corrosion. 3M 5-Way Penetrant has also proven to be a handy cleaner for everyday, hands-on jobs. Its liquid composition also makes it a reliable lubricant for sensitive equipment and delicate instruments.

Ideal for Factory Maintenance and Production

In thousands of factories and plants, 3M maintenance and cleaning aerosols are used every day to save time and effort. Lubricating, cleaning, inhibiting rust, and other tough jobs become easy with the convenience and effectiveness of our formulated chemicals. Cleaners can also be used to prep surfaces and help improve adhesive bonding by removing dirt, grease and other contaminants, leaving a clean substrate.

Recommended Applications

  • Fix rusted bolts and nuts quickly
  • Tapping lubricant for stainless steel and aluminum
  • General purpose cleaner for metal parts
  • Displacing moisture on electrical apparatus, generators and motors
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Lubrication for many delicate and precision instruments

Vietsovpetro workers are using 3M 5-W rust remover from DatViet Company supplier as image


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