SKF has expanded its range of linear drive and motion devices with the launch of a new compact, high precision and high load linear module. Called the CLSM, the new device has been developed for use in a wide range of industrial applications where speed, capacity, accuracy and repeatability are required from a unit with a small footprint. These applications typically include automated welding, inspection and robotics operations.

The new CLSM linear module measures just 92x60mm. It is designed to be motor driven and is available in two versions, with movement being achieved by either a ball screw or lead screw. In each case, stroke length is between 100 and 800mm, with static and dynamic load capacities of 13,300N and 9,500N respectively. Repeatability for the higher performance ball screw variant is plus or minus 0.01mm, with a maximum speed of 200mm/sec, acceleration up to 6m/sec2 and positional accuracy to within 0.05mm over a 300mm stroke.

The CLSM can be supplied with adaptors for most common makes of industrial motor, has an external mechanical brake option and with single point lubrication and standard mounting points is simple both to install and maintain. Each unit is sealed to IP54 and can be supplied with a base plate manufactured from aluminium or steel, depending on the application. A stainless steel cover is also available to protect against weld spatter.

“The CLSM was originally developed for use in demanding automotive applications, where it has been proven in high speed, high load robotic welding and parts handling systems. These capabilities, plus the compact footprint and the wide range of motor options, make the new unit ideal for many different industrial automation tasks. Additionally, the CLSM is normally available with short lead times, and can be supplied either direct from SKF in the UK or via our distribution partners, which makes it particularly attractive to both system integrators and end users as a retro-fit device”.

=>Catalogue Linear module CLSM-92 datasheet